2018: feel.jazz Vol. II

02 & 03 February 2018
— Fabrique in the Gängeviertel

Friday, 02 February 2018Saturday, 03 February 2018
CLEO & David GrabowskiLasse Golz Quartett
Wootton’s Toy StoryCatnip Police
Lutz “Hammond” Krajenski TrioAnalogbasscamp
DJ 45°Degrees MXDJ Show Kati SC | Salomé SC
Visuals Steffi Weismann WebVisuals KYMAT YT
Supporting programme
Live Painting HUMAIN Web
Mapping installation Lamaboy Web x Atelier21 FB
Workshop Pirkka Karpinnen

One year later, the feel.jazz festival returned to the Gängeviertel with new team support and a tried-and-tested concept. In order to do justice to the educational aspect, the festival was supplemented by a workshop on jazz and improvisation and the outdoor space was also used for a mapping installation.

“How well the workshop really brought out the feeling – the feel.jazz – and not just a bunch of theory was something you could really notice afterwards at the concert. Our group was just flowing along in the groove, while everything around us was still so stagnant. And in the breaks between the sets, we enthusiastically exchanged ideas about the polyrhythms we had heard and feltwith sparkling eyes about the new insights.”

— Moja, Workshop participant


at feel.jazz 2018 in the Gängeviertel / Hamburg

poster feel.jazz 2018

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