2019: feel.jazz Vol. III

08 & 09 February 2019
— Fabrique in the Gängeviertel

Friday, 08 February 2019Saturday, 09 February 2019
HKSKK plays David Bowie YTOPAK YT
Operation Grand Slam YTSALOMEA YT
DJ Carsten Meyer | Hugh Chambers |
Melody Nelson
DJ Blume & Dycks | Lisa de Lune |
Willing Witness | vareli
Visuals & video art Francis WebProjections & illumination Katrin Bethge FB
Supporting programme
Workshop Pirkka Karpinnen

2019 marked the third anniversary of feel.jazz, which took place on a cold February night in Hamburg’s Gängeviertel.

“The jazz concert evening was like a virtual revival of Soulkitchen. Respect! Oh, what an audience.”

— K., visitor

Uebertribe live

at feel.jazz 2019 in the Gängeviertel / Hamburg

For the first time, we had a big band on the small stage, for the first time we ventured into more electronic booking for the after-show party and for the first time we added another level to the concert experience: Performers interacting with the audience, especially during the concert breaks.


at feel.jazz 2019 in the Gängeviertel / Hamburg

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